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Achieving your goals has never been easier with our lunar-cycle manifestation guidance, mindfulness exercises & meditations.

With Recalibrating the Scales Art of Manifestation Coaching and Consulting you can start manifesting and creating a life you love today! Our specialized coaching approach helps you create an intention each month according to the lunar cycle which will bring clarity to your goals and help find paths towards achieving them. We understand how difficult it is to take a leap into something new or make changes in life; We’re here for you if you need some extra support along the way! Get started today by booking a free consultation with us now!

Transform your life and manifest success with our tailored guidance and competitive prices!
"It has been such a pleasure working with Normia over these past few months; her understanding of personal development processes has been invaluable when it comes to helping clients manifest their desires according to the lunar cycle!"
Mike T.
"I cannot express enough gratitude for what Recalibrating the Scales has done for me; they offer quality services at competitive prices so everyone can benefit from their amazing work!"
Emily H.
"My experience with Normia and her team at Recalibrating the Scales was nothing short of excellent; they provided great guidance that allowed me to take my life into a new direction effortlessly!"
David C.
Frequently Asked Questions

At Recalibrating the Scales, we offer tailored guidance to help you manifest your goals based on the lunar cycle. Our Chief Executive Resolutionist/Manifestation Coach and Consultant, Normia Vázquez Scales, has 22 years of experience and offers customized quality service.

  • Recalibrating the Scales Art of Manifestation Coaching and Consulting is a unique coaching and consulting practice. We specialize in The Art of Manifestation according to the Lunar Cycle.
  • Our products and services are available to customers all over the world and include abundance practices, new moon intentions, moon cycle guidance, mindfulness exercises, and manifestation meditations for authors/writers, business professionals, entrepreneurs, mental health specialists, wellness professionals.
  • Normia Vázquez Scales is our Chief Executive Resolutionist/Manifestation Coach and Consultant. She has an excess of 22 years of experience working with individuals from various backgrounds helping them create positive change in their lives.
  • We understand that everyone is on their own journey in life; we offer tailored guidance that helps them manifest their goals based on where they’re at in their personal development process. Moreover, creating an intention each month according to the lunar cycle can bring clarity to your goals and help you find paths towards achieving them.
  • Yes! We pride ourselves on offering quality services while keeping our prices competitive so that everyone can benefit from what we have to offer.
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