What are New Moon Intentions?
Harness the power of the energies of the Lunar Cycle.

The Lunar Cycle is an ancient tool for spiritual practice and manifestation. It is said that each month, the new moon brings with it a powerful energy that can be used to create intentions and manifest your dreams into reality. At Recalibrating the Scales Art of Manifestation Coaching and Consulting, we offer guidance on how to use this energy to create powerful intentions for success and abundance in your life. We provide advice on how to tap into this energy, as well as how to manage any potential resistance or challenges that arise along the way.

How do I set a New Moon Intention?
Tap into the power of the Lunar Cycle.

Setting a New Moon Intention begins by setting aside some time for yourself to reflect on what you want out of life. Our Manifestation Coach and Consultant, Normia, will help guide you through this process, offering personalized advice about how to make use of the powerful energies present during the new moon phase. Once you’ve identified what it is you want to manifest in your life, we will provide advice on how to best set your intention in order to maximize its effect. We will also share tips and advice on how to stay committed to your intentions and keep them top-of-mind throughout the lunar cycle.

What should my Intention be?
Clear, focused intention yields powerful results.

Your intention should be something that aligns with your values and goals, as well as something that resonates with you personally. It should be specific enough so that when you look back at it a few weeks later, you can easily remember what it was that you were trying to manifest in your life at that time. Our Manifestation Coach and Consultant, Normia, will help provide advice on crafting an intention that best fits with where you’re at in your personal development process. We believe in creating an intention each month according to the lunar cycle, so that clarity can be brought to your goals and paths towards achieving them can be found.

What Tools Can Help Me Create My Intention?
Mindfulness exercises & meditations helps keep focus.

At Recalibrating the Scales Art of Manifestation Coaching and Consulting, we offer various tools such as mindfulness exercises & meditations, transformational pathways, and lunar cycle guidance that can help yield clarity towards creating your intention and staying committed to it throughout the lunar cycle. These tools are designed specifically for authors/writers, business professionals, entrepreneurs, mental health specialists, wellness professionals or anyone striving for success in their life journey – whatever shape or form it takes!

How Often Should I Set an Intention?
Leverage the power of each monthly Lunar Cycle.

"We believe in leveraging the power of each monthly Lunar Cycle by setting an intention each month," according to Chief Executive Resolutionist/Manifestation Coach and Consultant, Normia Vázquez Scales. She has 22+ years of experience working with individuals from various backgrounds to aid them towards creating positive change in their lives. This allows for a consistent approach towards manifesting abundance and success into one’s life, as well as helping them stay focused on their goals. This is an overall objective despite tumultuous times and amid challenging moments that may arise along their journey towards success.

How Can I Get Started?
Receive tailored guidance from our experts today!

If you’re looking for guidance on how to harness the energies of the Lunar Cycle for manifestation purposes, then look no further! At Recalibrating the Scales Art of Manifestation Coaching and Consulting, we offer tailored guidance based on where you’re at in your personal development process so that you can begin creating powerful intentions today! With customized service that everyone can benefit from, why not give us a try – start manifesting success into your life now!

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