Quality Services

At Recalibrating the Scales Art of Manifestation Coaching and Consulting, we strive to provide our customers with quality services that are tailored to their individual needs. We offer a variety of services that can help individuals achieve success through manifesting their goals according to the Lunar Cycle. Our Chief Executive Resolutionist/Manifestation Coach and Consultant, Normia Vázquez Scales, has an excess of 22 years of experience helping people from different walks of life reach their fullest potential.

Moon Cycle Guidance
Clarity & Focus

With our Moon Cycle Guidance program, you will be able to create intention each month according to the lunar cycle; this will bring clarity to your goals and help you find paths towards achieving them. Normia is at your disposal to help you understand how the phases of the moon affect your decision-making process and provide you with the tools needed for manifestation success. This service will give you focus and purpose on how to approach your goals, so that you can take your life in a new direction with ease.

Abundance Practices
Empowerment & Mindfulness
Our Abundance Practices program helps our clients understand the power of abundance thinking and how it can help them manifest their dreams into reality. Through mindfulness exercises, such as meditation and visualization, our staff will empower you to take control of your life in a positive way. You’ll learn how to stay calm in the face of adversity and find creative solutions for difficult problems. By utilizing these practices, you’ll be able to reach your goals faster while working smarter instead of harder.
New Moon Intentions
Positive Outcomes & Goals

The New Moon Intention program helps individuals set powerful intentions during each new moon phase that can lead to positive outcomes in all areas of their lives. Working with our manifestation coach, you will gain insight into what kind of intentions are most beneficial for specific situations and how they can work within the lunar cycle framework. Our team will also provide guidance on how to structure those intentions so that they have an optimal impact on reaching personal or professional goals.

Mindfulness Exercises
Stress Management & Relaxation

With our Mindfulness Exercises program, we offer stress management strategies and relaxation techniques designed specifically for busy professionals who need a break from day-to-day stressors. We understand that everyone needs time for themselves; Normia will guide you through mindful breathing exercises, yoga poses, journaling activities, and other forms of self-care which can help reduce anxiety levels and promote mental clarity.

Manifestation Meditations
Reflection & Insight

Last but not least is our Manifestation Meditations program; here we provide guided meditations tailored specifically for authors/writers, business professionals, entrepreneurs, youth, mental health specialists, wellness professionals - anyone looking for more balance in their lives! These meditations will help cultivate reflection and insight so that individuals can make decisions based upon what aligns with their highest values. Additionally, they’ll gain clarity on where they’re heading, as well as more confidence when it comes to manifesting their dreams into reality.

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