Improved wellbeing & manifestation

At Recalibrating The Scales Art of Manifestation Coaching and Consulting, we offer mindfulness exercises specifically designed for those looking to improve their overall wellbeing while practicing manifestation techniques according to the Lunar Cycle. Our exercises are crafted around specific Lunar cycles so that our clients are able to achieve a deeper connection between themselves and nature's rhythms while improving their mental & physical health simultaneously.

Guided Meditations
Achieve Clarity & Insight
Our Guided Meditations are designed to bring our clients into a state of relaxation and awareness, allowing them to access their inner wisdom and insights more easily. Through this practice, they can gain clarity on their goals and intentions, ultimately leading them down the right path towards achieving what it is they desire.
Breath Work
Connect with your Inner Self
Breath work is an important part of any mindful meditation practice. Through conscious breathing, clients are able to access a deeper level of self-awareness which allows them to connect with their inner selves in a more profound way. This connection enables them to recognize patterns and behaviors that may be holding them back from manifesting their desires.
Body Awareness Practices
Tune In To Your Body Signals
These body awareness practices help our clients become more aware of how their bodies feel in every moment. By tuning into the signals our bodies give us, such as tightness, tension, or discomfort, we’re able to identify root causes of issues that may be preventing us from achieving success. This awareness can then be used as a tool for transformation and personal growth.
Movement Activities
Embody Your Intentions & Desires
Movement activities such as yoga or tai-chi are also essential parts of a mindful meditation practice. Through movement we can embody our intentions and desires by engaging both our minds and bodies in the process. This helps us create meaningful changes in our lives by connecting with our intention on an energetic level.
Achieving Balance & Fulfillment
All of these exercises are designed to help our clients balance their emotions, thoughts, physicality and spirituality in order to achieve greater fulfillment in life. With dedication and commitment to this practice, they will be able to move closer towards manifesting the life that they desire in alignment with the lunar cycle.
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