Reap the benefits of mindfulness
Recalibrating the Scales Art of Manifestation Coaching and Consulting offers mindfulness exercises and meditations to help individuals reap the benefits of mindfulness. Mindfulness is a practice that helps us bring our attention to the present moment, allowing us to observe our thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations without judgment. It helps reduce stress and anxiety, increase focus and concentration, improve awareness of the body and mind, and can even lead to greater self-compassion. We provide tailored guidance to help our clients cultivate a mindful practice that works for them.
Enhance well-being & clarity
Our mindfulness exercises & meditations are designed to help individuals enhance their well-being and clarity. Through this practice, we can create a space for ourselves to be more present in our lives, allowing us to make better decisions from a place of clarity. It enables us to become aware of our thoughts and feelings so that we can take control of our lives and manifest our desired outcomes. With regular practice, one can develop greater self-awareness which leads to an improved sense of calm, peace, and stability in life.
Deepen connection with the self

Our mindfulness exercises & meditations are based on various techniques such as breathing techniques, visualizations, affirmations, mantras, meditation postures etc., all designed to help deepen one’s connection with the self. These techniques create a bridge between the conscious and unconscious mind so that we can access deeper levels of understanding about ourselves. They also help bring balance into our lives by helping us become aware of what we need in order to lead a fulfilling life.

Connect with your true nature

Our mindfulness practices are designed to help individuals connect with their true nature so that they can live life according to their values and purpose. Through these practices, we can tap into our inner wisdom which allows us to make decisions from a place of understanding rather than fear or doubt. It also helps us develop gratitude for all that we have which leads to more joyfulness in life. Furthermore, it helps us gain perspective on difficult situations so that we can find solutions seamlessly and effortlessly.

Create an intention each month
Our mindful practices are highly adaptable so they can be tailored according to individual needs and goals. We understand that everyone is on their own journey in life; we offer tailored guidance that helps them manifest their goals based on where they’re at in their personal development process. Moreover, we believe that creating an intention each month according to the lunar cycle can bring clarity to your goals and help you find paths towards achieving them.
Support & Guidance
Personalized coaching sessions

At Recalibrating the Scales Art of Manifestation Coaching and Consulting, we provide personalized coaching sessions where our Chief Executive Resolutionist/Manifestation Coach and Consultant, Normia Vázquez Scales, will collaborate closely with you to help you identify your goals and create action plans for achieving them through her guidance on mindful practices. She has an excess of 22 years of experience working with individuals from various backgrounds helping them create positive change in their lives. We are committed to providing diversified quality services to accommodate an array of entities.

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