Clarity, Paths Towards Goals, Positive Change

Recalibrating the Scales Art of Manifestation Coaching and Consulting offers lunar-cycle manifestation guidance to help people take their life in a new direction or receive extra support along their journey. Our Chief Executive Resolutionist/Manifestation Coach and Consultant, Normia Vázquez Scales, has more than 22 years of experience working with individuals from various backgrounds helping them create positive change in their lives. With our lunar-cycle manifestation guidance, we can help you gain clarity about your goals and find paths towards achieving them.

Intention Setting
Awareness, Visualization, Meditation
We believe that creating an intention each month according to the lunar cycle can bring a sense of awareness and understanding to your goals. Our intention setting process involves visualizing what you want to manifest for the upcoming month and meditating on your desired outcome. This helps put into motion the necessary steps to begin manifesting your goal.
Moon Cycle Guidance
Support, Focused Work, Releasing Blocks
Once you’ve set your intention for the month, our moon cycle guidance helps to ensure that you stay on track with focused work and releasing any blocks that might be preventing you from reaching your goal. This helps to keep your motivation high and get closer to achieving what you’ve set out to do.
Mindfulness Exercises
Stress Reduction, Improved Concentration, Increased Self-Awareness
Mindfulness exercises are an important part of our manifestation coaching and consulting services as they can help reduce stress, improve concentration, and increase self-awareness. We offer a variety of exercises tailored to each individual so that they can have a better understanding of themselves and how to manage any emotions or feelings that might come up during their journey.
Manifestation Meditations
Relaxation, Focused Intentions, Insightful Reflections

Our manifestation meditations are designed to relax the mind while focusing on intentions for the day ahead. These meditations provide insightful reflections on how to move forward in achieving them. Through this practice, we hope that our clients will gain more clarity about their goal and find ways to manifest it into reality.

Quality Services

Tailored Guidance

At Recalibrating the Scales Art of Manifestation Coaching and Consulting, we pride ourselves on offering quality services that benefit adults and youth alike. Our tailored guidance is designed specifically for each individual's needs so that they can achieve success through our lunar-cycle manifestation guidance, mindfulness exercises & meditations, and transformational pathways.

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